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It is only natural that people shop around for the best possible deal, however with Funeral Plans - it's not only about the price. There are subtle differences between the plans offered by the leading providers and as Independent Impartial Industry Experts we have created this site to enable you to compare for yourself, to make sure you buy the plan which suits your needs and preferences.

All plans listed on this site are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority and are bound by the Code of Practice for funeral plans which ensures:-

  • Fair terms and conditions for the customer
  • Security of funds - with strict controls over the custodianship and regular monitoring by independent experts
  • A procedure for independent arbitration of complaints.

Tell us the best way for you to pay, whether it is in a Lump Sum or Spread out over a set amount of installments.

Each Funeral Plan includes a Hearse but now its time to let us know how many Limosiouns you require, (Each Limousines can carry 6-7 people).

Take a look at the Funeral Plans which suit your needs, all the relevant information about what is in included within the plan will be displayed.

Compare the plans to one and other and make the decision on which plan suits your needs. Purchase the plan online or call us on 0800 612 1138

Using our comparison tool takes the time and hassle out of choosing your Funeral Plan.

Simple and Impartial, we display plans based on your answers from some of the UK's largest suppliers.
Any questions about the process or the plans please give us a call on 0800 612 1138 or request a call back.


Simple Plans

Ideal if you are looking to get value for money and are happy with a simple arrangement.


Standard Plans

Go a little bit further whilst still being affordable - they usually include a limousine.


Premium Plans

Get everything in a standard plan plus some additional features, care and advice.

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best plan for you

Use our comparison tool to find the best deal to suit your requirements and budget.


It's not just about Cost.

Helping you make the right choice for you.. 

The funeral industry has grown massively over recent years and whilst on the face of it you may feel that all plans are relatively similar, there are subtle differences that depending upon your circumstances may signify it is more appropriate to choose one plan over another. For example, if you live quite close to a local hospital, then the distance a plan will cover you to transfer you from your place of death to the funeral home may not be that important. Likewise, if your preference is for a simple service at the Crematorium then a high disbursement allowance may be unnecessary. 

Our site allows you to compare these options in  a transparent format to ensure:-

  • You can make an informed choice
  • You pay the right price for your needs
  • You buy the most appropriate plan
  • You can view the information in a clear unbiased format.

Save money and time, so you can relax and enjoy your later years without the worry.